Western Canadian Indoor Open Championship – REGISTER TODAY!

Western Canadian Target Open
Is a 300 Round Vegas style, 18m target tournament with 75% pay back.Format:
300 Round, shot on a Vegas face, using outer 10 scoringChampionship Division:
All Archers will shoot a 300 round, and be ranked by their highest 300 round score.
The top 16 Championship Compound Men scores, and top 4 Scores in other Championship divisions will shoot off for 80% of the entry fee prize pool from their division Saturday Evening.
The shoot off will follow the NFAA Las Vegas Shoot Off Format. Equipment rules are follow the NFAA Las Vegas Shoot rules.Flights:
All entrants will be ranked using their highest 300 round score.
Prize money will be given out to the top 3 archers in each flight, using the payout schedule attached.
Mulligan round- After completing their first round, archers are given the option to shoot a second “Mulligan round” This gives archers a second chance to make the shoot off. If an archer shoots a mulligan round, they must use that score for their ranking.Fees:
Championship Divisions $60
Flights $40
Mulligan round
$30 Championship
$20 Flights

Website: http://www.cdnarcherychampionships.ca/western-open.html

Direct Link to Registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/u/3/d/e/1FAIpQLSfG_UV4N6T7-xPXbuTrb85_gk-TotprupzAb2rJHi-NZnNrrg/viewform?usp=sf_link

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