Provincial Target Team

The program selection criteria has been designed to be more inclusive of development level athletes. The program will offer a high quality local training environment to ensure athlete progression, as well as increase involvement across both equipment disciplines and genders.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic’s impact on local, provincial and national events, the criteria has been modified in 2020 to allow current and new team members be a part of the program.

A summary of the qualifying criteria for existing and new team members is outlined below:

Qualifying for the 2020-2021 Archery Manitoba Provincial Team

Returning Team members from 2019-2020
All team members from the 2019-2020 year will retain their position on the team for the 2020-2021 year if they fulfill the following:
1) Must use Artemis and upload data to the Google drive as directed.
2) Demonstrate participation in physical training (cardio and weights)
3) Follow a training plan as developed with the coach.
4) Participate in team practices and qualifying training events during summer/fall 2020.

New Team Members for 2020-2021
1) Must contact the Provincial Coach: Avril Hatherell to communicate intent to join the program, to ensure the athlete has the information and support to proceed with team selection.

2) Participate in at least 2 provincially sanctioned 720 Round Tournaments in Aug/Sept 2020 and meet or exceed the minimum qualifying standards as defined below.

Funding Criteria for 2020-2021
• Funding will be based on two (2) levels; Elite and Development.

• Funding Levels for travel will be determined per event.

• Elite funding for summer 2021 (for Nationals): Due to the team selection qualification period falling in the previous outdoor season, the athlete will need to demonstrate a minimum of three (3) tournament scores that meet or exceed the Minimum Qualifying Scores (MQS) for Elite Team as a way to demonstrate they continue to shoot at an Elite Team level in the 2021 outdoor season prior to Canadian Nationals.

• Development team: May upgrade their funding status to elite team for the 2021 outdoor Canadian Nationals as long as they shoot three (3) tournament scores that meet or exceed the Minimum Qualifying Scores (MQS) for Elite Team as a way to demonstrate they continue to shoot at Elite Team before Canadian Nationals as a way to demonstrate their improvement.

• Funding to competitions outside of Manitoba is not guaranteed for archers attaining the Provincial Team Development Team.

• To be eligible for funding, Provincial Team Members are required to compete in the category in which they qualified.

As membership in the program does not guarantee athlete travel support funds, the organization will publish event specific team funding documents (addendum to the selection document), which will outline more specific criteria as to how travel funds can be earned. The organization will ensure that event specific criteria documents are communicated to the athletes in a clear and timely fashion. It is a program priority that athletes have a clear understanding of the criteria and their standing on the team.

Athlete funding selections will be by recommendation from the head coach, who will submit a report outlining the selection and funding recommendations to a group of unbiased Athlete Development Committee members.

Selection by the coach will be based on a combination of objective and subjective criteria as outlined in the Team Selection Criteria, as well as any additional event specific criteria as published. Our organization believes this process will ensure we are sending athletes that will most likely offer return on investment, whether the event goal be a development opportunity or to win medals.