Notice of Special General Meeting

Archery Manitoba will be hosting a virtual Special General Meeting (SGM) on Wednesday October 28, 2020 at 6:30 PM via Zoom. All members are welcome to attend the meeting. The purpose of the SGM is to review and approve proposed amendments to the organization’s bylaws . To attend the meeting, please fill out the simple registration linked below to be sent Zoom meeting participation information:


The draft of the amended Bylaws, as well as a summary of the proposed amendments can be found below:

Current Bylaws for reference: 

Proposed Amended Bylaws:

Summary of Amendments

  • Page 1  – Acknowledge the organizations rebranding, to state the Archers & Bowhunters Association of Manitoba (primary registered corporate name) is also known as “Archery Manitoba”.
  • Page 1 – Updated all items referring to the Federation of Canadian Archers (FAC) (former name) to be named Archery Canada.
  • Page 1 – Updated all items referring to Federation of International Target Archery (FITA) (former name) to be named as World Archery.
  • Page 6 – Section “Officers” – This section has been amended to add eligibility of officers (executive committee members). The criteria is standard best practice of Provincial Sport Organizations.  The eligibility criteria added is as follows:

Eligibility of Officers – In order to be eligible for election as an officer, a candidate must:

Be a paid member in good standing of the ABAM.

  1. Be at least eighteen years of age, with power under law to contract.
  2. Consent to volunteer for the duration of the term in the executive committee position in which they are interested.
  3. Not have any known impediments which are likely to result in their removal during their term
  4. Be nominated by any two paid members no later than 20 days prior to annual general meeting and their nomination accompanied by a brief resume.
  5. Have no commercial conflict of interest within the sport of Archery. Although not exclusively a pre-requisite for eligibility, efforts should be made to have representation from all regions of the province.
  6. Attain the Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders Certification.
  7. Page 6 – Section “Officers” – The addition of the Past President to serve as a non-voting member of the executive committee. This addition is aimed to promote continuity and guidance for the leadership of the organization as term positions change.
  8. Page 9 – Section Meetings of the Members – Quorum for meetings of the members (Annual General Meetings & Special General Meetings) has been decreased from 20 voting members to 12 voting members, of which a minimum of 7 must be members of the board of directors (directors & officers).