Sport Manitoba: Flag Bearer Alum..One Year Later

Article from Sport Manitoba

By Tara Funke

A year after the 2019 Canada Winter Games, here’s an update on our Team Manitoba Closing Ceremonies Flag Bearer, Austin Taylor.

When his older brother wouldn’t let him use his $20 bow from Canadian Tire, Austin decided he would go out and get his own.

At the time, Austin was just 13 years old and, according to his own recollection, success in the sport came to him pretty naturally. Now at age 19, he has enjoyed competing all over the globe.

Last year, Taylor was proudly sporting a Team Manitoba uniform at the Canada Winter Games where he earned a gold and silver medal. In August, he represented Canada in Madrid at the World Archery Youth Championships. He claimed silver in the compound junior men’s division.

The archer from Winnipeg is the youngest member of the compound senior national team and now attends college in the States. He tells us he is adjusting quite well to his new surroundings at Lindsey Wilson College in Kentucky, and is busy shooting five to six times a week, usually two hours at a time.

He adds weight training to his routine as well and says getting back to school and studying has been more of an adjustment than anything else. Taylor’s calendar of events includes indoor tournaments beginning this month, then his focus will switch to the outdoor season before returning home in May.

We wish Austin all the best!

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Archery Manitoba Appoints 3D Committee Members & Team Leader

Archery Manitoba is pleased to announce the appointment of two new 3D Committee Members and the Provincial 3D Team Leader. Dale Chadney (Virden, MB) and Dan Hudson (Winnipeg, MB) have been appointed to vacant committee positions, both with terms ending in May 2021. Both committee members bring years of experience and knowledge that will benefit our 3D community in Manitoba.  Dale has been involved in shooting and hunting since he was young, and more recently got involved in organized archery. Dale, currently the Vice President, got involved with the  Fort La Bosse Wildlife Association over 5 years ago and played a key role in building a successful Archery program in his community. Dan has been involved in competition Archery on both the Target and 3D side for over 10 years, with a recent podium finish at the 2019 Canadian Indoor 3D Championships in Brandon. Dan comes to the committee with the perspective of having competed at numerous provincial & national events, while more recently watching his family get involved in the sport.

Archery Manitoba is also pleased to announce Leon Laffin (Virden, MB) has been appointed the Provincial Team Leader for 2020/2021. Leon, originally from Nova Scotia served as President of his club in his home province (Cape Breton Bowmen) for 3 years. During that time he organized and worked with youth groups to promote the sport of archery. Moving to Western Manitoba several years ago, Leon spearheaded the archery component at his local gun club, before teaming up with Fort La Bosse Wildlife Association to start a program in Virden, MB. Leon’s goal is to bring a some elements from his time as an organizer on the East Coast, to help enhance our events and athlete development programming.

Archery Manitoba would like to acknowledge and thank the outgoing volunteer committee members that have served the past two years. Thank you to members Reed Fowlie and Russ Danielson for playing a key role in growing and enhancing 3D shoots over the past two seasons. A special thank you to Russ for serving as the Manitoba 3D Representative on the national 3D Committee during that time. Archery Manitoba also thanks Ed Wilson for serving as Team Leader for 2019/2020, during which time Ed offered his time and energy to redeveloping the program structure, developing youth and leading teams to out of province events.

Additionally, Archery Manitoba would like to thank all applicants for their interest. We would like to note that two 3D Committee positions terms will be expiring in May 2020. If you are or someone you know is interested in applying, stay posted in April for application details.

2020 Archery Manitoba 3D Event Schedule

Archery Manitoba is pleased to release the current schedule of 2020 3D Events. Remaining on the Indoor Calendar with two sanctioned events hosted by S.M.A.S.H (March 22) and  Indoor 3D Provincial Championships in Carberry (April 19). In addition to sanctioned shoots, the Minnedosa Archery Club will host their Annual Indoor 3D Shoot on March 15.

The outdoor calendar includes a club or sanctioned 3D event almost every weekend from the beginning of May to the end of June. Three events has been selected as Sanctioned Events in, Brandon Wildlife Archery Club (June 21), 17 Wing Archery Club (June 28) and Yellowhead Bowhunters (August 23). Sanctioned Events will include over $200 in door prizes in addition to medals. The Outdoor Provincial Outdoor Championships will be selected by the Archery Manitoba 3D Committee and announced in the coming weeks.

2020 Manitoba Indoor 3D Provincial Championships

Archery Manitoba is pleased to announce the 2020 Indoor 3D Provincial Championships will be hosted on Sunday April 19 by the Carberry Archery Club. The event will be hosted at Carberry Plains Community Centre at 500 Stickle Ave, Carberry, MB. Stay tuned for more details on prizes and extras, as well online registration will be posted in the coming weeks.

*Please note, the April 19 date is a revised date, following an initial announcement stating the event would be hosted on April 12.

Seeking Committee Members – Manitoba 3D Committee

Archery Manitoba is seeking three members to fill out several vacant positions on our Provincial 3D Committee. If you or anyone at your club would be interested in serving on the committee, please read or share the information below.

The committee is made up of eight members, five voting and three non-voting (VP 3D Archery, Provincial Team Leader, and Executive Director).  The Archery Manitoba 3D Committee will hold a minimum six (6) face-to-face meetings or telephone conference calls, throughout the year as necessary, to perform its functions.

The current position and terms we are seeking to fill are:

  • Committee Member – Term Expires May 2021
  • Committee Member – Term Expires May 2021
  • Provincial 3D Team Leader – Term is year-to-year with an annual review.

To apply to serve on the Archery Manitoba 3D Committee, please apply at:

The application deadline is Wednesday February 5th, 2020. Committee selection will take place no later than Friday February 14th.

For more information on the committee structure and Team Leader position description, please see below:

# Topic Text/Comments
1 Type of Committee Standing Committee

(see ARCHERY MANITOBA Bylaws, Committees)

2 Purpose and Scope of Committee The ARCHERY MANITOBA 3D Archery Committee is responsible for matters relating to the disciplines of indoor and outdoor 3D target archery within the Archers & Bowhunters Association of Manitoba.

The 3D Archery Committee reports to the Executive Committee on all matters surrounding the disciplines, including the organization of 3D Events and Provincial Team Programs. Members of the committee will evaluate and offer feedback regarding possible changes to the discipline, scoring and timing procedures, tournament conduct and rules, tournament equipment, and other relevant aspects. The committee offers guidance and drafts documents with the goal of assisting the organization & member clubs promote the discipline from the initiation to Provincial Team level.

3 Composition

·         Number of members

·         Qualifications of members

·         How appointed/selected

·         Rotations (if any)

·         Quorum

The ARCHERY MANITOBA 3D Archery Committee consists of five (5) voting members elected to two-year terms and two (2) non-voting members. The committee will be chaired by the acting Vice President Events. The ARCHERY MANITOBA Executive Director will act as committee secretary. Nomination to the committee will be open to all ARCHERY MANITOBA Members through an application process. The selection of applications/nominees will be approved by the ARCHERY MANITOBA Executive Committee on recommendation by the acting Vice President Events.

All members ARCHERY MANITOBA 3D Committee must be current, active members of the ARCHERY MANITOBA.

Following the initiation of the committee, terms of membership shall begin on January 1st of the upcoming year, following selection by the Executive Committee.  Membership shall be staggered to assure continuity of the committee. In the initial year (2018), the committee terms will be staggered, three members will be selected to two year terms and two members will be selected to a one year term.

A quorum is defined as a majority of voting members of the ARCHERY MANITOBA 3D Committee.

4 Responsibilities/Duties Duties of the ARCHERY MANITOBA 3D Archery Committee

1.      In coordination with the ARCHERY MANITOBA Executive Committee, recommend revisions to ARCHERY MANITOBA Programs and Procedures relevant to 3D Archery.

2.      Review the Provincial 3D Program Document annually to ensure that strategies and goals are relevant to the betterment of the program.

3.      Prepare status reports and minutes of meetings or conference calls for review by the ARCHERY MANITOBA Executive Committee.

4.      Communicate with the President of the ARCHERY MANITOBA prior to taking action or sending out correspondence that impacts on ARCHERY MANITOBA program participants, members or member clubs.

5.      Communicate all pertinent document, goals and recommendations to the ARCHERY MANITOBA Executive Committee in a timely manner.

5 Authority/Decision-Making The ARCHERY MANITOBA 3D Archery Committee has no authority to make final decisions. The committee’s mandate is to make recommendations & produce program documents for review and final approval by the ARCHERY MANITOBA Executive Committee.
6 Meetings/Schedules The ARCHERY MANITOBA 3D Committee holds a minimum six (6) face-to-face meetings or telephone conference calls, throughout the year as necessary, to perform its functions. Likewise, some issues are discussed and resolved via email communications. The committee chair has the authority to schedule additional meeting if necessary.

Archery Manitoba – Provincial 3D Archery Team Leader – Position Description

Role & Selection

The Provincial 3D Team Leader will be required to support the ARCHERY MANITOBA 3D Committee, and Executive Director with planning and athlete management duties associated to team competitions & training events.

The role will be appointed annually by the 3D Committee under an application, review and recommendation procedure. In addition to the program team event planning duties, the 3D Team Leader will assume the role of athlete manager at events identified by the 3D Committee.

In the absence of the 3D Team Leader, Alternate Team Leader Applications per event will be evaluated and selected by the 3D Committee.

Position Term will be February 17th – December 31, 2020.


  • Proven ability and experience in athlete, youth and volunteer management
  • Demonstrated understanding of 3D Archery competition formats
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Valid First Aid & CPR certification
  • Valid Sport Manitoba “Respect in Sport” Online Education
  • Valid Criminal Record and Child Abuse Registry Checks (Every 2 years)
  • Valid ARCHERY MANITOBA Staff Agreement


Program Operations & Support

  • Work with Executive Director and 3D Committee on Event Administration & Logistics.
  • Assist with planning and execution of team training events.
  • Assist with communication to athlete and parents regarding program tasks.
  • Assist with planning of Provincial Team promotion and recruiting



Program Tasks

  • Work with athletes during competitions & training events
  • Create and execute a program task list annually
  • Scout talent at local competitions and programs
  • Assist with promotion of Provincial Team Program Events
  • Sit as a full member of the ARCHERY MANITOBA 3D Committee

Power of Decision

The Team Leader shall participate in meetings specific to the job requirements and will be responsible to make recommendations where necessary. The individual is required to communicate with the Executive Director to have decisions approved by the ARCHERY MANITOBA 3D Committee.

Reimbursement of Expenses Incurred

The 3D Team Leader will be reimbursed for costs incurred as it relates to travel specific to Team Training & Competition. All Team training & competition events must be approved by the ARCHERY MANITOBA 3D Committee prior to the date the expenses are incurred.  Locally, mileage will be provided at a rate of $0.35/KM for any travel outside the Perimeter of Winnipeg. Costs incurred as it relates to out of province travel will be reimbursed as determined by the 3D Committee & approved by the Executive Committee.

Funding for travel to national events to be recommended by the 3D ARCHERY MANITOBA Committee, followed be final approval from the ARCHERY MANITOBA Executive Committee

Register Today: 2020 Indoor Target Provincials

Archery Manitoba is excited to announce the 2020 Manitoba Indoor Provincial Target Championships will be expanded this year to span two days over the Louis Riel Weekend (February 15 & 16, 2020). The expanded event will include an 18M (600 Round) to determine Provincial Champions, followed by the inaugural Manitoba Indoor Open individual match play event, in addition to being a MICA host site. The venue this year will be the Sunnova Centre in East St. Paul (North Main Street at the Perimeter Highway). The venue offers an elevated event atmosphere, which will include an archer access only field of play, spectator observation deck, canteen, and live video display. The event will also include over $500 in door and competition prizes.

Location: Sunova Centre – 48 Holland Rd, West Saint Paul, MB

Event Fee:

$50 per participant


  • Saturday February 15  
    • 9:00                       Doors Open
    • 9:30                       AM Session Practice
    • 10:00                     AM Session Scoring
    • 13:00                     MICA Team Round
    • 13:30                     PM Session Practice
    • 14:00                     PM Session Scoring
    • 17:00                     Closed for the evening
  • Sunday February 16
    • 8:00                       Doors Open
    • 8:30 – 9:30          Open Practice
    • 9:45 – 13:30        Individual Match Play
    • 14:00                     Awards

MICA General Information:

Pre Register at:

Event Payment Options:
You are welcome to pay using cash, cheque or credit card at upon checking in at the registration table on Saturday February 15.

Advance payment can be made by credit card at the link below or by interact e-transfer by emailing using the password “archery”


Please note, there is an additional charge of $1.80 per $50.

Brandon Wildlife Indoor 3D January 5, 2020



KIDS ZONE for Under 14

Only Archery Manitoba Members Can Shoot Competitively.
Manitoba Wildlife Members and $5 associate members will shoot in non-competitive classes.

For more info call:
SCOTT 204-725-4474
ZACH 204-761-6642

2020 – 2021 Manitoba Provincial 3D Archery Team

2020 – 2021 Manitoba Provincial 3D Archery Team

2020 – 2021 Manitoba Provincial 3D Team Documents are now available below:

3D Team Documents:

What Does Team Membership Include

Team members must meet the team eligibility requirements listed below under “how to make the Provincial Team” before they can participate in any team events, training or receive travel funding.

  1. Participation in Team Training Events as scheduled by the Team Manager(s).
  1. Travel Funding to select tournaments. Our priority events being Canadian Championships.
  1. One uniform free of cost for first year team members, additional uniforms are $60 each.

For more information or to communicate intent to meet criteria, please contact the office at