COVID19 Update: Return to Sport

Updated June 2, 2020
The health and safety of all participants in sport, including players, coaches, staff, officials, fans, family, volunteers and the general public, is of the utmost importance to Archery Manitoba.
Archery Manitoba, in partnership with Sport Manitoba, Archery Canada and other member provinces, has developed a “Return to Sport” for archery document, outlining the safe, provincial specific protocols to resume archery activities, events and programs. The return to sport protocol has been reviewed and approved by the Government of Manitoba. This document, in addition to Covid-19 user waivers,  allows clubs a method to resume activities effective immediately. The document is linked below for reference.
Utilizing the Archery Manitoba Return to Sport Protocol and Covid-19 Waivers, clubs are permitted to resume Archery Manitoba Sanctioned Club Events starting Friday June 12, 2020.
In addition to the Archery Manitoba Return to Sport Protocol, Archery Manitoba will require all participants of sanctioned events and programs to submit a waiver and covid-19 declaration. The waivers (assumption of risk for minors) and declaration are linked below for reference.
Archery Manitoba has been working with the Prairie Bowhunters (Portage la Prairie, MB) and the Brandon Wildlife Club (Brandon, MB) to support their planned 3D Shoots. Currently, both clubs plan to host their events on June 14 and 21 respectfully, but are still working out logistics to ensure they are adhering to protocols.
Please note, both clubs will be modifying the event structures to ensure that range capacity is kept within government regulations, social distancing is being practiced and appropriate resources and signage are in place to keep everyone safe and informed.
If these events proceed, please anticipate the following modifications.
  • Pre registration
  • Two shotgun start times (am & pm)
  • Max two shooters per target (scoring group)
  • 1 – 20 target course
  • Each archer shoots two arrows per butt for a score out of 40 targets in one loop around the course.

Stay posted to the Archery Manitoba Events Calendar for online registration and details coming soon!

Sanford Range will remain closed to general membership free access until further notice. Archery Manitoba is currently working enhance the range and provide additional resources for general membership to access when re-opened.
During this time, provincial programming and use of the range by Flatlanders Archery Club will be permitted.

Please note, that while Archery Manitoba and it’s member clubs are not restricting the involvement of any archers from out of province, the Government of Manitoba is currently requiring that all persons entering the province self isolate for 14 days. The official statement is listed below with a link to the State of Emergency:
TO: All persons entering or arriving in Manitoba, including persons entering or arriving from other provinces and territories in Canada
Order to self-isolate upon arrival in Manitoba
Upon entering or arriving in Manitoba, you must travel directly to your home, hotel or other residence where you intend to reside or stay in Manitoba and must, except as permitted by this Order, stay at that location for 14 days, or for the duration of your stay if it is less than 14 days.
Archery Manitoba is advising members not travel out of province for any upcoming events in the foreseeable future. We will continue to work with Sport Manitoba and Archery Canada to monitor government public health orders to inform our membership on an ongoing basis.  To stay informed as this situation develops, please subscribe to our email newsletter, or follow us on Facebook & Instagram for recent Sport Manitoba & Archery Canada Updates listed below:Archery Canada
April 2, 2020 Update 
Archery Canada officially cancels the Canada Cup and the Canadian Outdoor Archery Championships

Sport Manitoba
April 28, 2020 Update

Coaching During Covid-19

Province of Manitoba Updates

2020/2021 Provincial Target Team Program

The program selection criteria has been designed to be more inclusive of development level athletes. The program will offer a high quality local training environment to ensure athlete progression, as well as increase involvement across both equipment disciplines and genders.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic’s impact on local, provincial and national events, the criteria has been modified in 2020 to allow current and new team members be a part of the program.

A summary of the qualifying criteria for existing and new team members is outlined below:

Qualifying for the 2020-2021 Archery Manitoba Provincial Team

Returning Team members from 2019-2020
All team members from the 2019-2020 year will retain their position on the team for the 2020-2021 year if they fulfill the following:
1) Must use Artemis and upload data to the Google drive as directed.
2) Demonstrate participation in physical training (cardio and weights)
3) Follow a training plan as developed with the coach.
4) Participate in team practices and qualifying training events during summer/fall 2020.

New Team Members for 2020-2021
1) Must contact the Provincial Coach: Avril Hatherell to communicate intent to join the program, to ensure the athlete has the information and support to proceed with team selection.

2) Participate in at least 2 provincially sanctioned 720 Round Tournaments in Aug/Sept 2020 and meet or exceed the minimum qualifying standards as defined below.

Funding Criteria for 2020-2021
• Funding will be based on two (2) levels; Elite and Development.

• Funding Levels for travel will be determined per event.

• Elite funding for summer 2021 (for Nationals): Due to the team selection qualification period falling in the previous outdoor season, the athlete will need to demonstrate a minimum of three (3) tournament scores that meet or exceed the Minimum Qualifying Scores (MQS) for Elite Team as a way to demonstrate they continue to shoot at an Elite Team level in the 2021 outdoor season prior to Canadian Nationals.

• Development team: May upgrade their funding status to elite team for the 2021 outdoor Canadian Nationals as long as they shoot three (3) tournament scores that meet or exceed the Minimum Qualifying Scores (MQS) for Elite Team as a way to demonstrate they continue to shoot at Elite Team before Canadian Nationals as a way to demonstrate their improvement.

• Funding to competitions outside of Manitoba is not guaranteed for archers attaining the Provincial Team Development Team.

• To be eligible for funding, Provincial Team Members are required to compete in the category in which they qualified.

As membership in the program does not guarantee athlete travel support funds, the organization will publish event specific team funding documents (addendum to the selection document), which will outline more specific criteria as to how travel funds can be earned. The organization will ensure that event specific criteria documents are communicated to the athletes in a clear and timely fashion. It is a program priority that athletes have a clear understanding of the criteria and their standing on the team.

Athlete funding selections will be by recommendation from the head coach, who will submit a report outlining the selection and funding recommendations to a group of unbiased Athlete Development Committee members.

Selection by the coach will be based on a combination of objective and subjective criteria as outlined in the Team Selection Criteria, as well as any additional event specific criteria as published. Our organization believes this process will ensure we are sending athletes that will most likely offer return on investment, whether the event goal be a development opportunity or to win medals.

Official Statement: Out of Province Participation

It has recently come to the attention of Archery Manitoba that the Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan have recommended against non-essential travel for the sake of participation in inter-provincial sporting events and activities. Due to this information, and for the sake of fairness to all of our provincial partners, as of August 4, 2020, Archery Manitoba will not permit out of province participation in any affiliated programming, events or activities. Beginning today, all archers participating in affiliated programming, events or activities must show proof of residency to be permitted to participate. Archery Manitoba would like to apologize to any out of province archers this may inconvenience, and we look forward to having you back at our events in the future.

For reference, the provincial guidelines from the Province of Saskatchewan and Alberta are listed below.


For Stage 2 (June 12 – present) of Relaunch, activities should be restricted to local
opportunities. This means within a neighborhood, town or
municipality. Participants should not seek sport, physical activity and
recreation opportunities in other regions, or out of province.

Cross-jurisdictional, or inter-regional, play should not occur


Tournaments and inter-provincial competition are not permitted

2020 Manitoba 3D Provincial Championships

Fort La Bosse Wildlife Association is proud to host the 2020 Manitoba 3D Provincial Championships on August 16, 2020 at the Eternal Springs Park near Virden, Manitoba. 

  • Guests are welcome, but you must be an Archery Manitoba to participate in championship ranking (medal standings).
  • Online Pre-Registration is Mandatory. Below is two registration links, for Manitoba Residents and a second (waiting list) for out of province archers.
  • Limit of 3 archers per group. Guests are welcome to group with any other guest.
  • Members competing in championship categories for medal standings will be grouped by Archery Manitoba.
  • Check-in & Practice begin at 7:30 AM. First 20 Target Start Time at 9:30 AM. Second 20 Target Start Time at 1:00 PM
  • Over $600 in door prizes!
  • Every person who registers is entered into a 50/50 draw for a chance to win $300 or more!

    Online Registration:

  • Manitoba Residents (Members & Guests) –

  • Out of Province Archers (Wait list) –

    Archers registered on the out of province guest list will be notified to confirm their attendance by Monday August 10.

    Click to find your current Archery Manitoba #:

$40.00  – Ages 10 & Up
$25  – Ages 9 & Under
$100 – Family Rate (Members of the same household, max of 2 adults and 3 minors)
$5 discount to Archery Manitoba & Archery Canada Members

Outdoor Range Location Information: Eternal Springs Park, near Virden, MB
Google Map:

For more information, please contact:


Dale Chadney –
Leon Laffin –


VIDEO: Flatlanders Outdoor 3D Shoot

Check out this great video put together by member Dave Cupples of the Flatlanders Archery Club first official 3D Shoot this past weekend! The club did a fantastic job grooming the Archery Manitoba Sanford Range to facilitate two 20 target courses. We are looking forward to more great shoots by the Flatlanders in the future!
A special thank you to the following volunteers for their hard work grooming, setting up, and planning the course, as well as organizing registration: Dave Tissot, Leonard Budgell, Chad Sanders, Tom Comberbach, Sherry Sanders, Kelly Scrivener, Dale Bakker, Duane Thorn, Dean Love, Craig Giebelhaus, Michael Oneschuk, Jerry Esau, James Platt, Jason and Sam Zhuang.

Manitoba Archers Receive Canadian Regional Indoor Medals

Congratulations to Manitoba Archers that earned a top 3 in the 2020 Archery Canada Regional Indoor Championships earlier this year. Seventeen Manitoba Archers participating in various age divisions and categories placed in the top 3 to bring medals to Winnipeg. Archery Manitoba would like to thank those archers for their hard work and dedication to training during the winter season, the diverse range of winners proves Manitoba continues to develop talented archers. A list of Manitoba Archers making the top 3 is listed below:

Name Category Place  Total Archers
Nattasha Shpak Cadet Compound Female 1 35
Janna Hawash Cadet Recurve Female 1 24
Amy Platt Cub Barebow Female 3 6
Bailey Mathers Cub Compound Female 2 14
Inga Thorsteinson Master Barebow Female 2 4
Carolyn Lindner Para Recurve Open Female 1 1
Sarah Wach Senior Barebow Female 1 6
April Willis Senior Compound Unlimited 3 10
Ryan Cherniak Cadet Compound Male 2 48
Ryder Wilson Cub Recurve Male 3 10
Brady Klassen Junior Compound Male T1 15
Robbie Comberbach Junior Compound Male 3 15
Greg Rubell Master Barebow Male 2 30
Rob Cox Para Compound Master Male 1 1
Chris Waterman Para Compound Male 3 3
Tryston Scrivener Pre-Cub Compound Male 1 29
Antoine Beauregard Senior Compound Fixed Pins Male 2 28
Team Event 
Name Category Place  Total Teams
Brady Klassen Junior Compound 1 14
Kyle Cherniak Junior Compound 1 14
Robbie Comberbach Junior Compound 1 14

For a full listing of results, visit:

Medals were initially planned be presented at the Manitoba Archery Annual Awards Banquet in early Winter, but do to the uncertainty revolving around COVID19, the medals will be distributed by mail in 2020.

Congratulations again to our top Manitoba Archers on their achievement and we look forward to celebrating your achievements again next year!

Bryanne Lameg Awarded Archery Canada Junior Female Athlete of the Year

Congratulations to Manitoba Archer Bryanne Lameg on being awarded the Archery Canada Female Junior Athlete of the Year! A well deserved recipient following a successful 2019 which included a silver medal at the 2019 Canada Winter Games, 21st at the World Archery Youth Championships and 5th at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru.

Archery Canada Statement:

Archery Canada is pleased to present the Female Junior Athlete of the Year Award to Bryanne Lameg. Bryanne has shown a constant commitment to improving her shooting; despite only picking up archery in 2014, she has quickly shown that she has what it takes to compete at high levels. At the 2019 Pan American Games in Peru, her first PanAm Games, she placed 5th. Bryanne represented Manitoba at the 2019 Canada Winter Games, winning silver in the team event and placing fourth in individual competition. On top of her dedication to the sport, she is a dedicated student at the University of Manitoba. Congratulations Bryanne!
Tir à l’arc Canada est heureux de remettre le prix de l’athlète féminine junior de l’année à Bryanne Lameg. Bryanne a fait preuve d’un engagement constant pour améliorer son tir ; bien qu’elle n’ait commencé à pratiquer le tir à l’arc qu’en 2014, elle a rapidement montré qu’elle avait ce qu’il fallait pour participer à des compétitions de haut niveau. Lors des Jeux panaméricains de 2019 au Pérou, ses premiers Jeux panaméricains, elle s’est classée 5e. Bryanne a représenté le Manitoba aux Jeux d’hiver du Canada de 2019, remportant l’argent dans l’épreuve par équipe et se classant quatrième dans la compétition individuelle. En plus de son dévouement pour le sport, elle est une étudiante zélée à l’Université du Manitoba. Félicitations Bryanne !

Austin Taylor named Archery Canada Youth Archer of the Year

Congratulations to Team Manitoba Archer Austin Taylor on being awarded the Archery Canada Tom Mack Junior Athlete of the Year! A well deserved recipient following a successful 2019 which included gold and silver at the Canada Winter Games, 33rd at the World Archery Championships and a silver medal at the World Archery Youth Championships.

Release from Archery Canada:

Archery Canada is pleased to present the Tom Mack Junior Athlete of the Year Award to Austin Taylor. Each year, the Tom Mack Junior Athlete of the Year Award is given to a young archer that demonstrates excellence in archery performance by exemplifying the characteristics fair play, good sportsmanship, superior performance in competitions and a commitment to training. During Austin’s time with the Manitoba Provincial and National Team Programs, he has carried himself in a respectful manner, acting as a role model for other Canadian Athletes. Austin has also had outstanding success on the range as well, winning Gold at the 2019 Canada Games in Men’s Compound, as well as winning Silver at the 2019 World Archery Youth Championships in the Compound Junior Men category. Congratulations Austin!

Tir à l’arc Canada est heureux de remettre le prix Tom Mack de l’athlète junior de l’année à Austin Taylor. Chaque année, le prix Tom Mack de l’athlète junior de l’année est décerné à un jeune archer qui fait preuve d’excellence dans ses performances au tir à l’arc en incarnant les caractéristiques suivantes : fair-play, bon esprit sportif, performances supérieures en compétition et engagement à l’entraînement. Pendant la période où Austin a travaillé pour les programmes de l’équipe provinciale et nationale du Manitoba, il s’est comporté de manière respectueuse et a été un modèle pour les autres athlètes canadiens. Austin a également connu des succès remarquables sur le champ de tir, remportant l’or aux Jeux du Canada de 2019 dans la catégorie tir à l’arc à poulies hommes, ainsi que l’argent aux Championnats du monde de tir à l’arc des jeunes de 2019 dans la catégorie tir à l’arc à poulies hommes juniors. Félicitations Austin !

Mike Oneschuk named Sylvio Beaurgard Judge of the Year

Congratulations to Archery Manitoba Member and Volunteer Provincial Judge Coordinator Michael Oneschuk on receiving the Archery Canada Sylvio Beaurgard Judge of the Year award. Mike is an invaluable member of the Manitoba and Canadian Archery Community. Over the past year Mike has officiated at the 2019 Canada Winter Games, 2019 World Archery 3D Championships, along with dozens of provincial events. In late 2019 Mike was invited to Florida to participate in the World Archery Continental Judge Clinic, where he passed with flying colors. Thank you Mike, we look forward to your continued progression as an Archery Official!

Read Below to see Archery Canada’s official post:

Archery Canada is pleased to present the Sylvio Beaurgard Judge of the Year award to Mike Oneschuk. As a judge, Mike exemplifies the principles of “Play Fair”, “Respect Others”, “Keep it fun” and “Give Back” on a regular basis. He is one of Canada’s most experienced judges, as well as a member of Archery Canada’s Judging Committee. Mike’s conduct as an official creates an environment of shared respect among athletes and officials, while keeping things fun. Mike is a mentor to athletes regarding the rules of competition, regardless of the level. Thank you for dedicating your time to helping us run our competitions!

Tir à l’arc Canada est heureux de remettre le prix du juge de l’année Sylvio Beaurgard à Mike Oneschuk. En tant que juge, Mike illustre régulièrement les principes du fair-play, le respect des autres, le sens de l’amusement et la générosité. Il est l’un des juges les plus expérimentés du Canada, ainsi que membre du Comité des juges de Tir à l’arc Canada. La conduite de Mike en tant qu’officiel crée un environnement de respect partagé entre les athlètes et les officiels, tout en n’oubliant pas qu’il faut s’amuser. Mike est un mentor pour les athlètes en ce qui concerne les règles de la compétition, quel que soit le niveau. Merci de consacrer votre temps à nous aider à organiser nos compétitions !

Seeking Committee Members – Manitoba 3D Committee

Archery Manitoba is seeking members to fill two volunteer positions on it’s Provincial 3D Committee. Both positions are on a two year term, expiring May 2022.

Archery Manitoba and it’s current 3D Committee Members would like to thank April Willis and Brad Hackewich for serving in these positions for the past two years. Both volunteers brought valuable insight and leadership to our 3D community.

If you or someone you know may be interested in serving on the 3D Committee, please see the position information and a link to a brief application form below.

The committee is made up of eight members, five voting and three non-voting (VP 3D Archery, Provincial Team Leader, and Executive Director).  The Archery Manitoba 3D Committee will hold a minimum six (6) face-to-face meetings or telephone conference calls, throughout the year as necessary, to perform its functions.

The current position and terms we are seeking to fill are:

Two Committee Members – Terms Expires May 2022

To apply to serve on the Archery Manitoba 3D Committee, please apply at:

The application deadline is Friday June 19. Committee selection will take place no later than Friday June 26th.

For more information on the committee structure and Team Leader position description, please see below:

# Topic Text/Comments
1 Type of Committee Standing Committee

(see ARCHERY MANITOBA Bylaws, Committees)

2 Purpose and Scope of Committee The ARCHERY MANITOBA 3D Archery Committee is responsible for matters relating to the disciplines of indoor and outdoor 3D target archery within the Archers & Bowhunters Association of Manitoba.

The 3D Archery Committee reports to the Executive Committee on all matters surrounding the disciplines, including the organization of 3D Events and Provincial Team Programs. Members of the committee will evaluate and offer feedback regarding possible changes to the discipline, scoring and timing procedures, tournament conduct and rules, tournament equipment, and other relevant aspects. The committee offers guidance and drafts documents with the goal of assisting the organization & member clubs promote the discipline from the initiation to Provincial Team level.

3 Composition

·         Number of members

·         Qualifications of members

·         How appointed/selected

·         Rotations (if any)

·         Quorum

The ARCHERY MANITOBA 3D Archery Committee consists of five (5) voting members elected to two-year terms and two (2) non-voting members. The committee will be chaired by the acting Vice President Events. The ARCHERY MANITOBA Executive Director will act as committee secretary. Nomination to the committee will be open to all ARCHERY MANITOBA Members through an application process. The selection of applications/nominees will be approved by the ARCHERY MANITOBA Executive Committee on recommendation by the acting Vice President Events.

All members ARCHERY MANITOBA 3D Committee must be current, active members of the ARCHERY MANITOBA.

Following the initiation of the committee, terms of membership shall begin on January 1st of the upcoming year, following selection by the Executive Committee.  Membership shall be staggered to assure continuity of the committee. In the initial year (2018), the committee terms will be staggered, three members will be selected to two year terms and two members will be selected to a one year term.

A quorum is defined as a majority of voting members of the ARCHERY MANITOBA 3D Committee.

4 Responsibilities/Duties Duties of the ARCHERY MANITOBA 3D Archery Committee

1.      In coordination with the ARCHERY MANITOBA Executive Committee, recommend revisions to ARCHERY MANITOBA Programs and Procedures relevant to 3D Archery.

2.      Review the Provincial 3D Program Document annually to ensure that strategies and goals are relevant to the betterment of the program.

3.      Prepare status reports and minutes of meetings or conference calls for review by the ARCHERY MANITOBA Executive Committee.

4.      Communicate with the President of the ARCHERY MANITOBA prior to taking action or sending out correspondence that impacts on ARCHERY MANITOBA program participants, members or member clubs.

5.      Communicate all pertinent document, goals and recommendations to the ARCHERY MANITOBA Executive Committee in a timely manner.

5 Authority/Decision-Making The ARCHERY MANITOBA 3D Archery Committee has no authority to make final decisions. The committee’s mandate is to make recommendations & produce program documents for review and final approval by the ARCHERY MANITOBA Executive Committee.
6 Meetings/Schedules The ARCHERY MANITOBA 3D Committee holds a minimum six (6) face-to-face meetings or telephone conference calls, throughout the year as necessary, to perform its functions. Likewise, some issues are discussed and resolved via email communications. The committee chair has the authority to schedule additional meeting if necessary.