Heights Archery Academy: Registration is open for fall lessons

Register today for our partner program the Heights Archery Academy with Heights Archery & Hunting Supply. This long standing program offers a variety of sessions for kids, youth and adults of all skill levels. These affordable sessions range from 4 to 15 weeks throughout the fall, winter and spring, and are the perfect activity or gift to give someone this year!

Heights Archery Academy is where Winnipeg comes to learn the great sport of archery. Our 26 lane indoor shooting range offers plenty of space in a relaxed and fun environment, where students can progress and grow at their own pace. Our certified instructors look after the development and safety of all the students and have a combined 50+ years of coaching experience. We encourage families to join together as it makes a fantastic activity for the whole family to enjoy! All abilities can be accommodated.


HAA Lesson Level Information

Level 1: Beginner     $65     4 weeks     Ages 6+     Tuesday 6-7pm or Thursday 6-7pm 

Level 2: Intermediate     $115     8 weeks      Ages 8+     Monday 6-7pm, 7-8pm, Wednesday 6-7pm, Saturday 9-10am, 10-11am, or 11am-12pm

Level 3: Intermediate 2     $130     10 weeks    Ages 10 +    Wednesday 7-8pm or Thursday 7-8pm (*must have own equipment)

Level 4: Advanced    $195    15 weeks    Ages 12 – 21    Tuesday 7-8pm or Tuesday 8-9pm (*must have own equipment) 

Level 1&2 Adult Beginner/Intermediate    $115     8 weeks    Ages 18 +    Monday 8-9pm or Thursday 8-9pm 

For more detailed information about our levels of classes please click here

Session 1 2019 classes will be starting on these dates:

Monday September 9th, Tuesday September 10th and  Wednesday September 11th,Thursday September 12th Saturday September 14th

To Register, please go to: https://www.heightsoutdoors.com/archery-lessons/?fbclid=IwAR2hMKAkqhWJztGYJQNR2iNEOwJgDTi8w94RKYmXXBaZf27_3d3zCkXtnO0