Flatlanders @Home Challenge

Archery Manitoba is proud to promote The Flatlanders Archery Club 2021 @Home Challenge. Partner club, the Flatlanders Archery Club is hosting a fantastic at home event for Manitoba archers to participate in over the next month and half. We would like to thank club Secretary James Platt for his effort in making this event a possibility. For more information on the event, see the official summary below:

Welcome to the Flatlanders Archery Club 2021 @Home Challenge. The purpose of the challenge
is to have fun and get ready for the spring. The Challenge requires you to shoot two target faces per
week for six weeks. The target faces have been sized to challenge you at ~5m. However, as an
unsanctioned event, you can shoot at whatever distance you feel comfortable and is deemed safe.

Target faces have been sized to be printed on 8 ½ x 11 pages. (standard printer paper)

The first target you shoot will be a ‘Mini 3-Spot’ (You will need to print six of these targets; one for
each of the six weeks). Because these targets are tiny, and your arrows are regular size, these
targets may be in tatters by the 8th end. Therefore, you will score only five ends using these targets;
so… 15 arrows. Don’t forget to count your X’s (inner 10 ring) in case of a tie.

Next you will shoot the Flatlanders Challenge Target for the given week. Instructions are provided in the table shown below (also linked in the files below) , as well as on the targets themselves.

Once you have scored both the Mini 3-Spot and the Challenge Target, send me your results (send to
jamesplatt@mts.net). The top the scores from the Mini 3-Spot and challenge target face will be
entered into a small (but respectable) prize draw at the end of the six-week challenge. Only the top
the scores for both the 3Spot and the Challenge Target will be posted (likely on Facebook).

But wait, there’s more! An additional prize will be awarded to the person who can generate the
most Instagram and Facebook likes for a single post related to the 2021 Flatlanders @Home
Challenge tagged with #Flatlanders_archery and #HeightsOutdoors. If you are interested in taking
part in this portion of the challenge, please send me your Instagram and/or Facebook profile name
(send to jamesplatt@mts.net).

You will note that the first week of the Challenge runs for 14 days. This is not an error. More time
has been allocated for the first week to ensure that everyone gets their @Home Challenge Package
before the end of the first week.

Challenge Target Files available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KxxN87UZeqz9Hx_lex6B8B1ZEQ8la2fA?usp=sharing

Feel free to e-mail James Platt, Secretary of Flatlanders Archery Club with any questions.