Flatlanders @Home Challenge: Week 5

Week 5 scores for the Flatlanders @Home Challenge are now in!

3 Spot Challenge:

Just one more week to go in the Flatlanders 6-Week @Home Challenge.
Congratulations to Week 5 3-Spot winners: Dave Cupples, Brad Mathers and Chris Waterman.

There were no perfect scores in the 3Spot Target this week.  The battle for 3rd place came down to a single arrow with Chris Waterman besting Dan Hudson (by an X) and Arlan Flaming (who had 10x, but also had a ‘9’).  Top Barebow was Greg Rubel with a very impressive 149 9x.

1) Dave Cupples – 150 14x
2) Brad Mathers -150 14x
3) Chris Waterman -150 9 x

Challenge Target (“Progression”):

Congratulations to Dave Cupples and Chris Waterman on their perfect scores on the Week 5 Challenge Target.  Brad Mathers, Bailey Mathers and Dan Hudson tied for 3rd place.

A few people have indicated that they enjoyed this week’s Challenge Target (Feedback is appreciated).  Two archers shot a perfect score of 104, and 3 archers tied for 2nd/3rd.  The official judge and jury has declared Chris Waterman as the 1st place winner (based purely on personal bias)!

1) Chris Waterman
1) Dave Cupples
3) Brad Mathers
3) Bailey Mathers
3) Dan Hudson