Flatlanders @Home Challenge: Week 1

Top 3 in each of this weeks challenges are as follows:


    Kelly Taylor        150 15x

    Dave Cupples      150 13x

    Chyler Sanders    150 13x

    Bryanne Lameg    150 13x

Don’t Break My Heart (Challenge)

    Dave Cupples     108

    Bailey Mathers   60

    Kelly Taylor        42

There will be a prize draw for the 3-Spot and Challenge events at the end of the 6-week challenge.

We are always looking for more participants and you don’t have to shoot every week in order to take part, or to win a prize.

@Home Challenge Target faces are available for download on the Archery Manitoba Website:


Scores for Week 2 will be accepted until 7:00pm Wednesday March 10th.