Target Tournament Results

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DateShoot TypeHostResults
2020.03.12Indoor 18MFlatlanders Archery Club
2020.03.08Canadian Indoor Regional Championships Archery Manitoba - Heartland Archery Coming Soon
2020.03.08Canadian Indoor Regional Championships Archery Manitoba - CFB Shilo Coming Soon
2020.03.07Canadian Indoor Regional Championships Interlake ArchersComing Soon
2020.02.20Indoor 18MFlatlanders Archery ClubLink
2020.02.16Manitoba Indoor OpenArchery ManitobaComing Soon
2020.02.152020 Provincial Indoor Target Championships Archery ManitobaLink
2020.02.08Indoor 18MBows, Broads & BullseyesLink
2020.01.31Indoor 18MArchery ManitobaLink
2020.01.24Indoor 18MArchery Manitoba
2020.01.16Indoor 18MFlatlanders Archery ClubLink
2019.12.30Indoor 18MArchery ManitobaLink
2019.12.29Indoor 25MArchery ManitobaLink
2019.12.18Indoor 18MArchery ManitobaLink
2019.12.06NFAA Vegas RoundArchery ManitobaLink
2019.11.20Indoor 18MArchery ManitobaLink
2019.11.08NFAA 300 RoundArchery ManitobaLink
2019.10.25Indoor 18MArchery ManitobaLink
2019.08.24720 Round AMSelkirk Archers
2019.07.27720 Round PM Selkirk Archers Link
2019.07.27720 Round AMSelkirk Archers Link
2019.07.13Provincial Target Championship Flatlanders Link
2019.07.13Manitoba Open Compound Flatlanders Link
2019.07.13Manitoba Open Compound YouthFlatlanders
2019.07.13Manitoba Open RecurveFlatlanders Link
2019.07.13Manitoba Open Recurve YouthFlatlanders Link
2019.07.06Compound Match Play 17 Wing Link
2019.07.06Recurve Match Play 17 Wing Link
2019.07.06720 Round17 Wing Link
2019.06.25720 RoundFlatlanders Link
2019.06.22Recurve Match Play Flatlanders matchplay-flatlanders-june-22-2019-recurve
2019.06.22Compound Match Play Flatlanders Link
2019.06.22720 RoundFlatlanders Link
2019.06.15Field Shoot Selkirk Archers Link
2019.06.01720 Round PM Interlake Archers Link
2019.06.01720 Round AMInterlake Archers Link
2019.05.26720 Round PM Interlake Archers Link
2019.05.26720 Round AMInterlake Archers Link
2019.05.25720 Round PM Interlake Archers Link
2019.05.25720 Round AMInterlake Archers Link
2019.05.18720 Round PM Interlake Archers Link
2019.05.18720 Round AMInterlake Archers Link
2019.05.11Compound Elimination Match Play 17 Wing Link
2019.05.11Recurve Elimination Match Play 17 Wing Link
2019.05.11720 Round 17 Wing Link
2019.04.27720 RoundSelkirk Archers Link
2019.04.19720 Round PM Interlake Archers Link
2019.04.19720 Round AMInterlake Archers Link
2019.02.162019 Provincial Target Championships ABAM Link
2019.02.03Yeoman ShootFlatlandersLink
2019.02.02Indoor 18M RoundBows Broads & BullseyesLink
2018.12.20Indoor 18M RoundFlatlanders Archery Club Link
2018.12.13Indoor 18M RoundFlatlanders Archery Club Link
2018.12.2Indoor 18M RoundABAMLink
2018.11.29Indoor 18M RoundABAM Link
2018.11.25Indoor 18M RoundFlatlanders Archery Club Link
2018.11.22Indoor 18M RoundFlatlanders Archery Club Link
2018.11.18Indoor 18M RoundABAM Link
2018.11.15Indoor 18M RoundFlatlanders Archery Club Link
2018.11.8Indoor 18M RoundFlatlanders Archery Club Link
2018.11.4Indoor 18M RoundABAM Link
2018.11.1Indoor 18M RoundFlatlanders Archery Club Link
2018.10.28Indoor 18M RoundABAMLink
2018.10.25Indoor 18M RoundInterlake Archers Link
2018.10.21Indoor 18M RoundABAMLink
2018.10.18Indoor 18M RoundInterlake Archers Link
2018.10.14Indoor 18M RoundABAMLink
2018.10.11Indoor 18M RoundInterlake Archers Link
2018.10.4Indoor 18M RoundInterlake Archers Link
2018.9.29720 Round PMSelkirk ArchersLink
2018.9.29720 Round AMSelkirk ArchersLink
2018.09.16720 Round Interlake Archers Link
2018.09.09720 Round Interlake Archers Link
2018.09.06720 Round Interlake Archers Link
2018.8.30720 Round Interlake Archers Link
2018.8.7 - 2018.8.122018 Canadian Archery Championships St. Mary's Archers of Truro - Truro, NSLink
2018.7.28720 Round 17 Wing Archery Club
2018.7.26720 Round PMInterlake Archers Link
2018.7.26720 Round AMInterlake Archers Link
2018.7.19720 Round Interlake Archers Link
2018.7.18720 Round Westman Target ArchersLink
2018.7.17720 Round Flatlanders Archery Club Link
2018.7.142018 Provincial Target Championships Selkirk Archers Link
2018.7.12720 Round Interlake Archers Link
2018.7.10720 Round Flatlanders Archery Club Link
2018.7.5720 Round AM Interlake Archers Link
2018.7.5720 Round PM Interlake Archers Link
2018.7.3720 Round Flatlanders Archery Club Link
2018.6.23720 Round PMFlatlanders Archery Club Link
2018.6.23720 Round AM Flatlanders Archery Club Link
2018.6.21720 Round Interlake Archers Link
2018.6.17720 Round ABAM Canada Games ID Shoot Link
2018.6.16720 Round Selkirk ArchersLink
2018.6.9720 Round PM17 Wing Archery ClubLink
2018.6.9720 Round AM17 Wing Archery ClubLink
2018.6.7720 Round Interlake Archers Link
2018.5.26720 Round PM17 Wing Archery Club
2018.5.26720 Round AM17 Wing Archery Club
2018.5.12720 Round PMSelkirk ArchersLink
2018.5.12720 Round AMSelkirk ArchersLink
2018.4.29Outdoor 720Selkirk Archers Link
2018.4.26Indoor 18MWestman Target ArchersLink
2018.4.26Indoor 18MInterlake ArchersLink
2018.4.19Indoor 18MWestman Target ArchersLink
2018.4.19Indoor 18MInterlake ArchersLink
2018.4.12Indoor 18MInterlake ArchersLink
2018.4.11 Indoor 18MWestman Target ArchersLink
2018.4.5Indoor 18MInterlake ArchersLink
2018.3.29Indoor 18MInterlake ArchersLink
March 5 - 6, 2018 2018 Manitoba Winter Games Thompson, MB Link
March 3 - 5, 2018
Canadian Indoor Regional Championships Multiple Sites Link
2018.2.24Manitoba Provincial Championship Indoor 18MABAM Link
2018.2.17Indoor 18MBows, Broads, & Bulleyes Link
2018.2.11Indoor 18MSouth East ArchersLink
2018.1.21Indoor 18MTeam Heartland Link
Mulitple DatesIndoor 18MManitoba Winter Games Regional QualifiersLink
2017.12.14Indoor 18MInterlake ArchersLink
2017.12.7Indoor 18MInterlake ArchersLink
2017.11.23Indoor 18MInterlake ArchersLink
2017.11.19Indoor 18MTeam Heartland Link
2017.10.29Indoor 18MTeam Heartland Link
2017.9.12720 RoundInterlake ArchersLink
2017.9.5720 RoundInterlake ArchersLink
2017.8.29720 RoundInterlakeLink
2017.8.26720 Round PM17 Wing Link
2017.8.26720 Round AM17 Wing Link
2017.8.22720 Round Interlake ArchersLink
2017.7.25720 Round Interlake Archers Link
2017.7.22720 Round 17 Wing Link
2017.7.18720 RoundInterlake ArchersLink
2017.7.152017 Manitoba Provincial Target ChampionshipsSelkirk Archers Link
2017.7.15Manitoba Open - Youth Selkirk Archers Link
2017.7.15Manitoba Open - CompoundSelkirk Archers Link
2017.7.15Manitoba Open - Recurve
Selkirk Archers Link
2017.7.9720 RoundTeam HeartlandLink
2017.7.4720 RoundInterlake ArchersLink
2017.6.24720 Round PMSelkirk ArchersLink
2017.6.24720 Round AMSelkirk ArchersLink
2017.6.17Double 720Westman Target ArchersDownload
2017.6.10Double 72017 Wing Download
2017.5.28Double 720Selkirk ArchersDownload
2017.5.14720 Round Selkirk Archers Download
2017.4.30Double 720Interlake ArchersDownload
2017.4.23Double 720 Interlake ArchersDownload
2017.4.14Double 720 Interlake ArchersDownload
2017.3.19Indoor 18M South East ArchersDownload
2017.3.11Indoor 18M Bows, Broads & BullseyesDownload
2017.2.25Indoor 18M 2017 Indoor Provincial Target ChampionshipsDownload
2017.2.25Indoor 18M 2017 Indoor Provincial Youth Target ChampionshipsDownload
2017.1.15Indoor 18M Team Heartland Download
2016.10.2Double 720Selkirk ArchersAM Round
PM Round
2016.9.5Double 720 Selkirk ArchersAM Round
PM Round
2016.9.1720 RoundSelkirk ArchersResults
2016.8.28Double 720Selkirk ArchersAM Round
PM Round
2016.8.28Double 720Westman Archers AM Round
PM Round