Bowhunters make up a large portion of Archery Manitoba’s membership and it has always been one of our initiatives to promote the safe, ethical harvest of Manitoba game species. 

The IBEP program is offered in a one day clinic form with succesful archers passing an exam at the end of the day. For bowhunters who have been in the chase for years, or for first time neophytes it is a great source of information on hunting ethics, technique and safety. Gun hunters often switch to Bowhunting to lengthen seasons, add challenge or to take advantage of better odds in the big game draws. Whatever the reason it is imperative that we as bowhunters continue to promote our image as proficient, trustworthy, ethical hunters.

Any archers who are interested in obtaining their Bowhunter Education certificate are welcome to contact Tim Yaremchuk at 204-859-3280 or through the Archery Manitoba office at 204-925-5697.