Who We Are

Archery Manitoba is the Provincial Governing Body of the Sport of Archery in Manitoba. Our mission is to perpetuate, foster, and direct excellence in the sport of Archery. To achieve this mission, our vision is to provide leadership through the provision of programs, activities, facilities and financial support of archers.

In partnership with Archery Canada & Sport Manitoba, Archery Manitoba provides support to clubs and members by providing programs, coach certification, insurance, high performance athlete training, youth development programs, and competitions for all archery disciplines. Archery Manitoba Programs and Events are sanctioned by Archery Canada & World Archery.

There are 10 values that guide Archery Manitoba in pursuit of our vision and mission:

  1. Accessibility – All Manitobans should have the opportunity to participate in the Sport of Archery at reasonable costs for facilities and coaching.
  2. Athletes, Coaches, and Officials – Athletes, coaches, and officials must continue to be recognized as the cornerstone of sport.
  3. Continuum of Sport – All individuals should have the opportunity to participate at the skill level of their ability or choice, and an integrated sport delivery system should encourage and facilitate movement between various levels.
  4. Drug Free Sport – Archery Manitoba is committed to promoting drug-free archery through the implementation of related policies, programs and monitoring processes.
  5. Equity – All Manitobans, regardless of age, sex, race, creed, ability, socioeconomic background or location should have the opportunity to participate.
  6. Health & Safety – Sport programs and facilities should preserve the physical and emotional health and safety of participants.
  7. Fair Play – All participants have the obligation to participate in a manner which upholds the highest ethics of fair play and which respects the rights and well-being of other participants.
  8. Leadership – Development of professional and volunteer leaders within the sport of Archery is integral to the continued effectiveness of the sport system.
  9. Self-Development – The opportunity to develop one’s potential and preserve one’s overall wellbeing should be available to all participants.
  10. Volunteerism – Volunteers and volunteerism are the foundation of the sport system. Archery Manitoba focuses on increasing the effectiveness of, and the number, of volunteers.