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Become a Coach

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), is the coach certification pathway program developed by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC). NCCP is used by 60 sports Canada wide, to train, develop and track coaches training and development. Each sports pathway is designed following the CAC’s protocols, and can offer training for coaches in 3 streams – Community, Instruction and Competition.

Archery Canada has currently developed (2) streams for coaching – Instruction and Competition.

Coaches in the Instruction stream will already have, or will be trained to have, sport-specific skills and training for beginner to intermediate archers. These coaches may just be starting their coaching careers, or have minimal experience coaching, and want to fine-tune their skills

Courses offered in the Instruction Stream:

  1. Instructor of Beginner Archers
  2. Instructor of Intermediate Archers

Coaches in the Competition stream, will have previous coaching experience and will generally be working with archers in a competitive environment, whether it is at their club, at the Provincial level, or working towards the National Level.

Courses offered in the Competition Stream:

  1. Archery – Competition Introduction Coach
  2. Archery – Competition Development
  3. Archery – High Performance Competition Development – Advanced Gradation (Currently in development)

Learn more at Archery Canada’s Coach Information Page by clicking the link below:

Find a Coach

NCCP trained and certified coaches are available for private coaching. Please follow the link below to access our provincial coach listing:

Coach Resources 

Respect in Sport


Sport Manitoba believes in being proactive in ensuring sport in our province is safe and welcoming for all participants. Respect in Sport (RiS) helps us promote those values through a simple and convenient online training course for coaches and sport leaders. It is designed as a tool to assist coaches in identifying and dealing with abuse, neglect, harassment, and bullying in sport.

RiS is a required online training program for all coaches registered with a Provincial Sport Organization in Manitoba…learn more about RiS. Sport Manitoba recently launched mandatory recertification for coaches every five years…learn more about recertification.

Find Your RiS Certification Number

Are you looking for your certification number?  Find it here *Hint: important date is your birthday.

RiS Technical Support Line

To contact the Helpdesk by phone: 1-866-945-9906
To contact the Helpdesk by email:
For Questions of a non-technical nature, please contact:


Officials Resources 

Range Safety Officer

In accordance with the Archery Canada Operational Plan & Archery Manitoba’s club affiliation criteria, all partner clubs must include the name of at least two qualified Range Safety Officers or club-level judges in order to receive liability insurance

How to Become a Range Safety Officer:

  1. Ensure your Archery Canada membership is up to date.
  2. Read the enclosed safety officer guidebook below
  3. Answer the online exam questions : Range Safety Officer Online Exam
  4. Candidates need 90% to pass. You can edit your answers online until you have successfully reached 90%. Archery Canada will email you a letter confirming you have passed the exam and that you are officially a certified Range Safety Officer.

For any questions, please email


Archery: One of the World’s Safest Sports


Become a Judge

Judging requirements in Manitoba

Local (Club) Judge: To ensure fair competition and application of the shooting and scoring rules within Clubs.


  • pass written open-book exam
  • preferred, but not necessarily required that the candidate participate in a Local Judge Clinic

Local Judge Exams 

Exam Resources – Find all necessary resources to complete open book Local Judge Exams in the Archery Canada Rule Books at:

Provincial Judge:

To ensure fair and consistent competition at sanctioned Provincial and registered tournaments sanctioned for records in Canada



  • Local Judge with a minimum experience of officiating at four sanctioned tournaments OR
  • at least two years previous experience in sanctioned archery tournaments as archer or knowledgeable participant OR
  • other acceptable combination of background in archery
  • recommendation for candidacy by a Club President or certified Provincial or National Judge attesting to the candidate’s suitability


Provincial Judge, Candidate:

  • attend a Provincial Judge Clinic, and
  • complete a written pre-clinic exercise, and
  • pass written and oral (case study) Provincial Judge tests


Provincial Judge, Certified:

  • Provincial Judge candidate with at least one year experience and
  • satisfactory experience in at least 5 tournaments (typically 2 Indoor target tournaments and at least two of Outdoor target, Field or 3-D tournaments), including at least one Provincial Championship
  • A Provincial Judge with incomplete experience may be certified with the understanding that he/she will not be assigned to preside at tournaments of types for which he/she does not have reasonable experience.


Tournament Judging Standards

Club tournaments

  • Should be judged by a Local Judge
  • Results are for use within the Club only, or may be accepted for certain Provincial events, but not Championships nor competitive awards.


Provincial tournaments – Archery Manitoba or Archery Canada sanctioned (non-championship)

  • Must be Judged by a presiding Certified Provincial Judge who may be assisted by Provincial Judge Candidates and Local Judges


Provincial Championship

  • Must be Judged by at least one presiding Certified Provincial Judge who may be assisted by Provincial Judge Candidates and Local Judges


Canadian Regional Championship

  • Must be judged by a presiding Certified Provincial Judge who may be assisted by Provincial Judge Candidates