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Sport Manitoba believes in being proactive in ensuring sport in our province is safe and welcoming for all participants. Respect in Sport (RiS) helps us promote those values through a simple and convenient online training course for coaches and sport leaders. It is designed as a tool to assist coaches in identifying and dealing with abuse, neglect, harassment, and bullying in sport.

RiS is a required online training program for all coaches registered with a Provincial Sport Organization in Manitoba…learn more about RiS. Sport Manitoba recently launched mandatory recertification for coaches every five years…learn more about recertification.

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Pre-Clinic Pre-requisite Exercises

The pre-clinic exercises must be completed before the start of the training. Those who completed them last year for the Local Judge Training need not go through this exercise again, unless you wish to become more familiar with the Field and the 3-D sections.

The intent of the exercises is to help you become familiar with the current basic rules of archery and finding your way around the Archery Canada/World Archery rules books. The topics include setting up a range or course, shooting, scoring, control of shooting, etc. Please complete these exercises in this order:

  1. Judge test part 1 general & target
  2. Judge test part 2 outdoor target events
  3. Judge test part 3-D
  4. All Judge Tests Are Available for Download Below

These exercises are provided on the ABAM in MS Word format, so you can complete them as a computer file, or print them and complete on paper. Please print the results of your exercise before the course so you can hand in the results and we can go over them.
The Archery Canada rules book is available on the Archery Canada website.

Exercise Instructions

You must complete these exercises prior to the clinic and provide them to the course conductor. Do not leave yourself short of time. It usually takes about 10 hours.

The following exercise(s) is intended you help you become familiar with the current Canadian rules of archery. It has you explore the Archery Canada rulesbook in order to come up with the correct answers. Some responses are not found in the rules and there is not necessarily a “correct” answer – they rely on your common sense.

There are three parts at this level:

  1. Judge test part 1 general & target
  2. Judge test part 2 outdoor target events
  3. Judge test part 3-D

When answering the questions, do 2 things. It is not sufficient just to rely on your knowledge.

  • cite the rule number(s) (if there is one)
  • write down responses as well – as brief notes (this is not an essay contest)

for example:

If arrows are accidentally left in a target butt and the archer returns to the shooting line, do we wait for the archer to retrieve the arrows? What are the procedures?; – NO – the archer can elect to shoot different arrows, or can miss the end and make up the arrows later. A Judge must participate in the scoring.

or:; – NO – shoot different arrows OR make up the arrows later.
Judge participate in the scoring.

Note: not all answers are in the rules books. You may have to use independent thinking for a few, and you can refer to the World Archery Judges’ Guidebook for ideas

Judging Documents: (Downloadable Files)

Judge Test Part 1 – Click Here

Judge Test Part 2 – Click Here

Judge Test Part 3 – Click Here

Judge Candidate Recommendation Form – Click Here

Manitoba Judge Program Document