Flatlanders @Home Challenge: Week 4

Week 4 scores for the Flatlanders @Home Challenge are now in!

3Spot Challenge:

The competition in this Week’s 3-Spot Challenge was pretty fierce with 6 archers scoring ‘150’.  It took a count of “x’s” to separate the pack of awesome archers.

1) Bailey Mathers – 150 15x

2) Dan (I made my own bow) Hudson -150 15x

3) Kelly Taylor -150 13 x

Challenge Target (“Lucky Charms”)

Again, the Challenge Target was excessively difficult this week.  Chris Waterman (score ’32’) edged out Bailey Mathers (score ’30’) for third place.  Kelly Taylor came in second with a very respectable score of ’60’!  And Dave Cupples (First Place) took a couple of days off work and must have spent his hard earned vacation shooting lucky charms… I think he may still be going.  Let’s just say that he scored more than the rest of us combined!  Honourable mention this week goes out to recurver Sarah May who scored ‘8’ while the rest of the non-compounders barely emptied our quivers (other than Greg Rubel with ’24’)!

1) Dave Cupples
2) Kelly Taylor
3) Chris Waterman

A ticket for each of the top 3 from each challenge will be entered into the draws (one draw for each Challenge).  Draws will occur at the end of the @Home Challenge.

Feel free to submit a barebow entry (in addition to compound) if you aren’t doing so already.

The Week 5 Challenge Target (“Progression”) requires 21 shots.  Week 4 scores will be accepted until 7pm Wednesday, March 31.

We have 2 weeks to go.  Feel free to invite others to take part, if even only for one week.