2022 Multi-Site Indoor Championships: Manitoba Results

The official results for the World Archery Americas 2022 Multi-Sites Indoor Championships of the Americas (MICA) have been published. More than 3500 archers from across the continent participated in the satellite competition.  Congratulations to the numerous Manitoba Archers that ranked top 30/top half!  Those archers are as follows:

Team Round

  •  U21 Women Compound – Taylor Klimchuk/Chyler Sanders/Bailey Mathers – Placed 1st among 4 teams.


  • Ryan Cherniak – U21 Compound Men – Placed 20th among 95 competitors
  • Bailey Mathers – U18 Compound Women – Placed 20th among 137 competitors
  • Chyler Sanders – U21 Compound Women – Placed 15th among 113 competitors
  • Taylor Klimchuk – U21 Compound Women – Placed 33rd among 113 competitors
  • Ryder Wilson – U18 Recurve Men – Placed 17th among 284 competitors
  • Emily Love – U18 Recurve Women – Placed 16th among 252 competitors

Full individual and team results can be found at the links below:

Individual: https://home.mycloud.com/public/41cda176-25d1-4dc8-a2af-083c4058c06a/folders/xfvuuv6qwglsj7tiytinj2sp 

Team: https://home.mycloud.com/public/41cda176-25d1-4dc8-a2af-083c4058c06a/folders/xfvuuv6qwglsj7tiytinj2sp